A Message from the Children’s Ministry Leader:

September 13 is the first official day of Sunday School!  The children that are attending will be provided print outs pertaining to a Bible story that they will be able to read and work on while sitting with parents in service.  All children will  be provided their own set of supplies to use and worksheets in a cleanable duo tang. I will also provide a link to the video, story and handouts for the children whose parents are interested in following from home. Information will be here and in our weekly bulletin. Our school year will be based on chronological Bible stories, beginning with the story of creation.

With Love,
Miss Terilyn

Children’s Activities

Week 1 Story – Creation

Printable Resource –

Week 2 Story – Adam & Eve

Printable Resource –

Week 3 Story – Cain and Abel

Printable Resource –

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