Serving Opportunities


Many hands make light work. It’s truly a saying that is believed and practiced here at Garden Park Baptist Church. The various teams of people here have discovered their gifts and talents and share them regularly in the many areas of the Church. Whether it’s greeting members and visitors upon their arrival, working behind the scenes with the production and worship teams, or servingĀ  the children and youth of all ages, these teams of people make every person’s church experience amazing. There is one thing these teams are all about, and that’s serving God in our Church.

If you would like your life to be filled with joy, fulfillment, purpose and friendships? Do you enjoy helping others, serving others, perform or have special skills? Then come join one of our many teams!


Serving kids from birth through College, these teams provides a fun, energetic church experience for our younger members. Whether it’s being in the nursery with the littlest ones helping them learn to play and have fun, to the preschool and school age kids learning about the bible in fun and creative ways, or the youth who learn to lead by example for the younger ones and participate in exciting activities at or away from the church. These teams help bring up the younger generations to come to know Jesus and set the example of what it’s like to serve others.


If you’re a singer or musician and want to help lead the Worship Service, participating with the production team with the visual and sound services, or ushering during the service, these teams help bring together an incredible sanctuary worship experience.


Whether greeting at the doors, serving a fresh cup of coffee or providing a great experience for first time visitors, this team of people helps make every person at Garden Park feel comfortable and welcome.


This team service the church by praying for requests throughout the week. Everyone is welcome here!