Welcome Back! We are Open!

Hello Church Family,

I pray that you are all doing well and are staying connected to God and one another.  The leadership team at Garden Park Baptist Church has been praying and discussing options about how to open the doors to have people join us for worship once again. We have decided that it is safe to do so with a limited number of people and guidelines in place to keep people safe. So with that being said we would like to invite people back to church beginning this Sunday August 9, 2020.

I want everyone to keep in mind that it will not be the same as it has in the past.  We are limited to 40 people in the church each week, which means not everyone can come.  We are asking that you either call the church at 204-632-1788 or email the church at info@gardenparkchurch.ca by Thursday of the week before the service to inform us if you plan on attending the service that week.  We need to keep a record of who is coming each week.  If we do not hear that you are coming we are assuming you will join us live on Facebook on Sunday as we are currently limited in capacity and cannot have people just show up. 

We encourage those who are at high risk of CoVID 19 to please stay home and join our streaming service.

Just a couple of items I want to make sure I highlight (the others are just as important but I wanted to point to these):

  • Please make sure you bring your own beverage (coffee, tea or water) with you before you come as none will be provided.
  • For those with small children please be aware of the fact that the kids have to stay with you at all times, we do not have children’s time or rooms available to go in.
  • If you plan on joining in singing masks will be required to be worn during that time.
  • With us streaming our service the public wifi in the church will be unavailable, please ensure you have a downloaded version of your Bible on your device or you are using your own data plan.

I ask that you familiarize yourself with our new guidelines to come to church each Sunday to help eliminate as much confusion as possible.

I am looking forward to the next steps in joining together to worship.  It will be very different but we will honour God in all that we do.

God Bless Terry

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